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Our Town

Animal Control

It shall be unlawful for any dog to run at large within the Town.  It shall be the responsibility of the dog owner to provide either a fence or a tether on his property for keeping of a dog out of doors.   When walking a dog on the streets or public places, the dog owner shall make use of a tether such that the dog is always under the owner’s control.  Police Officers will be enforcing this ordinance. 


It is against Town Ordinance for any person or persons knowingly to ignite, kindle, or set any fire that creates a risk of injury of any kind to any person or damage to property of another within the Town.

If you have yard debris, the Town has curbside pick-up service. Before any extensive landscaping work is done by the homeowner, call the Town Hall at 558-2824 to find out what options there are to disposing of this debris.


All leaves, grass, straw, pine cones and any other loose material should be put in plastic bags for removal.

Commercial buildings and remodeling contractors, workmen, landscapers, tree and shrubbery firms, roofers, and the like shall not deposit debris as yard trash for city collection. Commercial concerns must remove their own construction demolition, and landscaping, and land clearing wastes.

Logs, limbs, brush and like material may be placed at the curb for collection subject to the following conditions:

  • Length of material will be limited to 4 feet.
  • Diameter of material will be limited to 6 inches.
  • Material  must be placed in orderly fashion, stacked with butt ends together.
  • No material, as listed above, generated by contractors, landscapers, etc. will be collected by the city.  Lot clearings, tree removal, or stumps will be transported to the landfill by the owner or contractor.
  • If the homeowner is doing extensive landscaping around his house, he should contact the Town Hall at 558-2824 for any questions that he has or any suggestions that the Town may have.
 **Don’t forget to contact the Town Hall before you start  work.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are generally mailed in late October by Williamsburg County.  All taxes are collected by Williamsburg County.  The due date is the 15th of January.  Any questions on taxes, please contact Williamsburg County at 843-355-9321.

Water/Sewer Information

Please look under the Utilities tab on this webpage for water and sewer information.  If you have any other concerns, please call Town Hall at 843-558-2824.